Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Don’t Believe Japanese Authorities about Nuclear Meltdown

There has been third blast in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear-power plant in four days. Now the authorities feared about the possible meltdown and fallout of radiation with great percentages.
If we analyze the situation then there are some weak points in judging the true picture of what is happening there?
  • 1.       Why the Japanese authorities evacuated the 20 KM radius area?
  • 2.       Why teams of experts feared to enter the site and make it safe?
  • 3.       Japanese prime minister while giving his first speech to the nation after earthquake and Tsunami, has lied that the situation is under control in respect of nuclear reactors.
  • 4.       There has been some confirm cases of effected people from radiation and they have been separated.
  • 5.       Why thousand of special trained forces have been deployed in the area which is closed to nuclear plant. These forces are specialized in Chemical Disaster Control.
  • 6.       Some specialized vehicles which are designed to avoid radiation, bio and chemical weapon also reported in effected area.
  • 7.       According to many experts, situation is out of control from that moment when the cooling system of power plant shut down.
  • 8.       Radiations level have been increased one thousand time as compared to normal circumstances.
  • 9.         There are also some internal sources in Japanese government who indicated that situation is out of control. One of them is Japan’s trade minister.
  • 10.   The power plant is 40 years old and is not design to take a shaking to due to earth quake above certain levels.
If the meltdown of plutonium and uranium continued then possible radiation fall out could reach the USA within 10 days. According to some expert it will be a worst matter than previous incident of Chernobyl.

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