Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Don’t Believe Japanese Authorities about Nuclear Meltdown

There has been third blast in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear-power plant in four days. Now the authorities feared about the possible meltdown and fallout of radiation with great percentages.
If we analyze the situation then there are some weak points in judging the true picture of what is happening there?
  • 1.       Why the Japanese authorities evacuated the 20 KM radius area?
  • 2.       Why teams of experts feared to enter the site and make it safe?
  • 3.       Japanese prime minister while giving his first speech to the nation after earthquake and Tsunami, has lied that the situation is under control in respect of nuclear reactors.
  • 4.       There has been some confirm cases of effected people from radiation and they have been separated.
  • 5.       Why thousand of special trained forces have been deployed in the area which is closed to nuclear plant. These forces are specialized in Chemical Disaster Control.
  • 6.       Some specialized vehicles which are designed to avoid radiation, bio and chemical weapon also reported in effected area.
  • 7.       According to many experts, situation is out of control from that moment when the cooling system of power plant shut down.
  • 8.       Radiations level have been increased one thousand time as compared to normal circumstances.
  • 9.         There are also some internal sources in Japanese government who indicated that situation is out of control. One of them is Japan’s trade minister.
  • 10.   The power plant is 40 years old and is not design to take a shaking to due to earth quake above certain levels.
If the meltdown of plutonium and uranium continued then possible radiation fall out could reach the USA within 10 days. According to some expert it will be a worst matter than previous incident of Chernobyl.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Powerful Earthquake of 9 magnitudes Jolt Japan

Powerful earthquake hit Japan today on eastern areas. After few minutes Tsunami warnings have been issued. The exact magnitude of this quake at start was 7.9 and within moments it reaches up to 9.
Large areas hit by severe Tsunami waves and gone under water. People have rushed to roof tops to get shelters. Huge loss of property occurred but there no detail of loss of life till now.
Scientist are suggesting that there are major activity going on under cost of Japan.  All public transport in Tokyo suspended and Japan has alert its army to estimate loss.
The epicenter of this earthquake was 125 KM from eastern cost.

Youngest Grandmother in World is only 23 years Old

A 23 year old Romanian Girl who claimed to be youngest grandmother.

World is a place of strange events every day from politics to war but this time a Romanian girl who is only 25 years of age claimed that she has become grandmother when she was only 23 year old..
 This unique event occurs as according to Rifca Stanescue (the youngest grandmother), she used to have relation with jeweler sales man at the age of 10 and this relation goes on and on. She left home with her boyfriend at the age of 12 as she feared that her parents will force her to marry with another guy whom she doesn’t like.
At that time when she was 12, she got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl according to her. But the story did not end here and her daughter Maria when reached at the age of 11 she also gave birth to a child and become mother by giving glory of her mother as youngest grandmother.
According to Rifca Stanescue, she is happy for her daughter to be a mother in such young age because it is social trend in Romania to marry and have child in young age.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Suicide Attack in Peshawar Pakistan

Today 09/03/2011, there has been a suicide attack which killed at least twenty people and injured several in Peshawar Pakistan. This attack was carried out during funeral prayers in Adenzai area in Peshawar.
As the fighting with Taliban in Pakistan is continued, we (Pakistani) are paying heavy price of it in terms of loss of life and as well as economy, internal stability and list goes on and on.
What are reasons behind this specific attack to be carried out in such small village of Adenzai? It is basically among the several tribes which made local Lashkar (Militia) to fight against Taliban in northern areas which is Amaan Lashkar. This Lashkar consist of several members in Adenzai as well as different surrounding areas. It was carrying many successful attacks against Taliban despite of receiving many threats.
The basic strategy for making this Lashkar was to help police in its peacekeeping mission but the dispute mount when top member of Lashkar made press announcement that they will withdraw from their commitment unless they are provided by the ammunition and logistics. This demands come after the death of top 40 members of Lashkar during deadly clashes with Taliban. According to chief of Amman Lashkar Dilawar Khan that they have been facing fierce attacks from Taliban and need support from government.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Libyan Army Executions

These are the pictures that purportedly show Libyan army officers killed for refusing to fire on the rebels. It is claimed the soldiers refused to shoot rebels in the mountainous region west of Tripoli. The pictures were sent to different news channels by a rebel group in the area. A survivor of the killings says the men were rounded-up, their legs tied before being shot in the head or back from close range. The pictures emerged as rebel fighters face perhaps their greatest challenge yet as they take stock of what seems a slowing of momentum in their campaign.
As for as the international response is concerned, President Obama said that they are considering all options including military on and he also added that Qaddafi will be responsible for every thing which he brought on himself and his followers.
The US state department also states that we are considering the military option with more probability. But as the interview of Robert Gates emerge, he indicated that no fly zone could not be brought on by ignoring the possibility of war with Libya because we have to destroy all air defense system as well as strike back capability of Libya. According to some analyst, it would required heavy amount of resources and international support. In addition to this it would required at least a fleet of one hundred fighter jets to patrol on Libyan air space as it is very vast country for the purpose continued implementation of no fly zone.
The latest development also includes that Qaddafi forces also retake the town of Al Zawia which is close to Tripoli. Now the rebels have the last strong hold which in Bin Ghazi.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Pakistan is Dangerous,....Ponting

Colombo, March 6 (ANI): Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting has described Pakistan as a very dangerous side, predicting that the team will get better by the day as the 2011 World Cup progresses.

Speaking at a press conference in Colombo, Ponting drew comparisons between Pakistan and his own team, which is looking for a record fourth consecutive World Cup crown.

"They have some good bowlers. Their fast bowers have done well here. They have Shahid Afridi who is in terrific form. Then they have (Mohammad) Hafeez, who can bowl. Rehman is there and also Saeed Akmal. So in a way they are similar to Australia," The News quoted Ponting, as saying.

He said Pakistan are a well-balanced side, and have made their presence felt at the World Cup by beating co-hosts Sri Lanka, one of the favourites for the title.

After Australia's Pool A match against Sri Lanka was washed out by rain at the R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo, Ponting hoped that his team would be fully prepared to face Pakistan in their last group game on March 19 at the same venue.

Speaking on his team's abandoned match against Sri Lanka, Ponting said that he was 'surprised' by the slowness of the wicket at the R Premadasa Stadium, adding that more than the players, he was disappointed for the crowd after the match was rained out.

"We had a sold-out crowd, which would have seen a good match had it continued. I'm really disappointed for the fans," Ponting added.

Qaddafi,s War

Libya launches airstrikes to quell protests as Muammar Gaddafi's rule teeters on brink